Student AWTT Quiz

For Students earning extra credit as approved by their teachers & instructors, copy this page for the 10 Student Quiz Questions and bring them to A Walk Through Time to find the answers.   


Most Spirited School Award:

Elementary Schools compete for the “Most Spirited School Award” by registering their students upon entering the cemetery.  

A Walk Through Time Student Questions:

  1. Name one of the sports Frances Guyton played.  _________________________________________________
  2. What did Marcus Foster see? _________________________________________________
  3. Which Alabama County had the most men killed in WWI?  ________________________________________________
  4. What year was Alabama Power started?_________________________________________________
  5. Why was Baine County dissolved? _________________________________________________
  6. Ethel Hibbs worked very hard to help end which war? ________________________________________________
  7. What year did the School of Nursing start at Gadsden State Community College? ________________________________________________
  8. Nelson Thomas started Pancake Day as a member of which civic club? ________________________________________________
  9. Before Alabama Territory was formed, our state was part of ______________________________ Territory.
  10. Name your favorite character here today. ________________________________________________


Most Spirited School Award Recipients:

2013  R.A. Mitchell

2014  Eura Brown

2015  Eura Brown

2016  St. James Catholic School

2017  ??? Could it be your school this year?