Photos by Eric Wright

We thank our many portrayers and patrons who make this annual event possible!


* Indicates direct descendant 

Guest Arriving for A Walk Through Time


Cemetery Symbols explained by Lucy Wallace Edwards


Lena Martin portrayed by Joanie Sledge


Will I. Martin portrayed by Judge James Sledge


Retha Deal Wynot portrayed by Susan Copeland


Guests making contributions for Forrest Cemetery at A Walk Through Time


Lavinia Chester “Chessie” Law Woodliff portrayed by Kathi Woodliff Rhodes *


Augustin L. Woodliff portrayed by Guy Woodliff, IV *


Judge Lemuel Eldridge Hamlin portrayed by Judge Bobby Junkins


Callie Craven portrayed by Priscilla Puckett


Holley Midgley, Sr. portrayed by Holley Midgley, Jr. *


Otto Agricola portrayed by Al Agricola *


Representing Southern Hills Cemetery – Chari Bostic


Representing Southern Hills Cemetery: Lucinda Murphy portrayed by Elizabeth Wynn-Croft 


Cleo S. Hill portrayed by Duane Embry


Judge James A. Tallman portrayed by Scott Hassell


Anne Mathilde Bilbro portrayed by Barbara Free Wallace


John Flynn portrayed by Morgan Cunningham


Clyde Robert Blackstone portrayed by Dalton Martin


Gladys Weaver Downs portrayed by Toni Driskill


Minni Lay Myers portrayed by Laura Elliott


Henry B. Myers portrayed by Jody Fitts


Nan Callan portrayed by Millie Stevens


Lowell “Daredevil” Vickery portrayed by Ronald Vickery *


Hannah Case Snellgrove portrayed by Nancy Hildebrant


William Patrick Lay portrayed by Steve Hildebrant


Zera Lyle Appleton portrayed by Sheila Freeman

Frances King Guyton portrayed by Sylvia Coleman


Dr. John William Doherty Lawrence portrayed by Craig Boden *


Time Line 1817 – “200 years ago” – Presented by Matt Ford


Martha T. “Mother” Coker portrayed by Susan Boden


Hoyt L. Butler portrayed by Kent Back


Nelson Thomas portrayed by Gil Isbell


Time Line 1867 – “150 years ago” – Presented by Joey Statum


June Moore Bugg portrayed by Patricia Gruver


Joseph L. Lewis portrayed by Michael Rodgers


Dr. O. R. Grimes portrayed by Dr. Dee Grimes *


Ethel Hibbs “Rosie the Riveter” portrayed by Emily Amberson


Louis Loveman portrayed by Rhett Loveman *


Frank Towers portrayed by Craig Scott


J. F. Pendergrast portrayed by Tom Banks


Harold Henson portrayed by Glen Williams


Time Line 1967 – “50 years ago” – Presented by Dr. Martha Lavender


John L. Ray portrayed by Ricky Ray *


Carolyn Gunn Bellenger portrayed by Anne Sharpe


Samuel V. Bacon portrayed by Bobby Welch


Milton “Skeets” Elliott portrayed by Jonathan Welch


Marguerite Nadler portrayed by Anne Roberts


Buena Vista White Walker portrayed by Jenny Sollie


Frank Marion “Cottie” Cottle, III portrayed by Brendon Perry


William Cincinnatus Lykergus Hendon portrayed by Bill Hendon *


Florence M. Wright portrayed by Alice Hughes


Mary Harrison Lister portrayed by Fran Summerlin


Time Line – “100 years ago” – Presented by Gay Utz


Dr Mercer Rowe portrayed by Dr. Clay Rowe *


Julius Nordman portrayed by Matthew Vance *


Mayor John Herbert Meighan portrayed by Shane Ellison


Marcus L. Foster portrayed by Mike Beecham


Ronald M. Banville portrayed by Mac Downs


Augustus W. Woodliff portrayed by John Woodliff *


Ruth Cross Memorial Chapel Presented by Pat Sherman & Sherry Clayton


AWTT Town Criers portrayed by Titan Ambassadors


Crowds listen to John Herbert Meighan


Dr. Rowe tells his story


Gathering to hear Marguerite Nadler 


A tale to tell!


Mrs. Bellenger’s ’36 LaSalle


Groups gather to hear about the WW I “Rainbow Division”


A crowd gathers for yet another story


Titan Ambassadors waiting for riders


Off to hear the next portrayer


Who is next on the map?


Large crowd listening to Dr. Lawrence’s stories


Martha Boyd Ramey entertains her guests


A. L. and “Chessie” Woodliff share their story


Henry and Minnie Lay Myers 


Judge Lemuel Hamlin shares a moment with his son-in-law, Otto Agricola 


Children love to hear stories, and when they grow up they love them even more!



Ruth Cross Memorial Chapel




Please join us Sunday October 21, 2018 for A WALK THROUGH TIME.